The Parallel Bird is an uncommon enemy found in the campaign level Parallel World. It is very similar to Bird. It is currently grey with red dashes found everywhere on its body.


It looks similar to other bird enemies but covered with the parallel element. It also has red eyes and a white beak, making it not look that much of an original bird.


It will fly to you and peck you, dealing moderate damage.


Difficulty Health Damage Speed
Easy 7Heart new 4Heart new Moderate
Medium 8Heart new 5Heart new Moderate
Hard 9Heart new 6Heart new Moderate



  • It is formerly known as the "End Bird" and its texture changed due to the Pixel Gun Company's copyright issues with Mojang.
  • The same thing with Parallel World (Deadly Games map), other formerly End enemies and the campaign world.
  • It has red specks on itself, similar to its landscape.


  • Same as always, be aware of any monsters, especially from behind.
  • Use high-damaging weapons since they are much stronger compared to how they are in the City Campaign map
  • Look up every so often so they do not catch you off-guard.
  • Simply shoot this enemy with the gun of your choice, there is no clear effective way to kill it since headshots should be pretty easy to make.
  • Try to move around to avoid getting hit and swarmed.


End Bird

The former "End Bird".

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