The Parallel Poisonous Plant is a common enemy encountered in Parallel World, the final stage of Block World.


It looks very similar to the peashooter. But its mouth is red instead of green, and its body has a parallel pattern similar to other parallel mobs. Its teeth are white instead of purple.


It will walk at you, then when it is close, it will shoot red orbs of matter at you.


Difficulty Health Damage Speed
Easy 14Heart new 9Heart new Slow
Medium 16Heart new 12Heart new Slow
Hard 18Heart new 15Heart new Slow



  • Stay far away from this enemy due to projectiles from this enemy having travel time the further you are from it the easier it is to strafe around the projectiles kill this enemy easily by using weapons with scopes.
  • For beginners, aim for the head and keep moving to dodge the projectiles from this monsters.
  • Rocket jump to avoid its projectiles.
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