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Parkour City 3018 is a Multiplayer Map introduced in the 13.5.0 update.


It looks similar to the Parkour City, but it is severly modified and has a futuristic appearance. It has a few buildings, a bar (which is inside a big purple and tan building), and a highway with several hovercars on it (the highway has four teleporters, two on each side). On one of the buildings, a chalk outline (which is actually simulated by a robot of some sort) appears. Another building has a helicopter on one side of the map. Floating billboards also surround the area.


  • Remember, if you fall off the buildings you will die, resulting in a penalty.
  • There are some highways for "hover cars," be aware that if you get rammed by one of the hover cars, you will die, resulting in a penalty.
  • This map is, in one way or another, a close ranged one, so weapons like the Minigun Shotgun can be put to great use in this map.
  • Some glass walls (windows) in the main tower can be destroyed by any weapon, melee or ranged. This could be done for extra mobility/maneuvering around the map (since you no longer have to go around the glass or go through it.)
  • Using any weapons that have splash damage, bullet spread (shotguns), homing attributes, or weapons like the frozen dragon and champion solar cannon/solar powered cannon can be used for easy kills.


  • This is one of few maps that are a counterpart of another map. (Night Pool, for example)
  • It is possible that this is the constructed and finished Parkour City in the future.
  • This map oddly resembles a cross between urban Asian cities Shanghai or Tokyo at nighttime. There are both traditional Chinese and Japanese characters seen in the map.
    • However, there is also a lot of English. You can tell English is an offichal language as “POLICE” is written on the police helicopter.