316px-Wizard Wand in shop

The Wizard Wand in Shop.

This is a map introduced with update 4.6. Some people think that this is a difficult map, where winning is very difficult. Continue reading if you want to know an efficient strategy, that will help you in this map!

Weapons Needed


  • Find Ammo for your secondary weapon
  • Hide in a hidden/high place
  • Point at an enemy's name with the Wand
  • Continue Shooting with fireballs (you can shoot through walls and very far)
  • Kill him
  • Repeat
  • Win
  • Earn Coins!
Parkour City Strategy

A player testing this strategy


Pay attention to:

  • Enemies that can spawn behind you (kill them with the secondary weapon)
  • Enemies that shoot you from afar (hide yourself very well)

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