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The Particle Accelerator is a Sniper introduced in the 15.5.0 update.


It's a sniper rifle with 2 light blue rings as the barrel. It also has a rail in the barrel similar to the Exterminator. It also has what looks like 2 fuses on the top of the gun as the magazine. It also has orange and gray on the base of the weapon.


The Particle Accelerator has moderate-high damage, moderate firerate, fast reload, decent mobility and a moderate-high capacity for a sniper.


  • Use this weapon in medium-long ranges as the laser deals high damage- enough for a 2 shot kill to the body.
  • Try to use this in tandem with other weapons as Exterminator or Necklace of the Ice King to finish the target off quickly.
  • Move and strafe around with this weapon to make other players harder to hit you.
  • Aim for the head to maximize damage per shot.
  • Fighting in corridors and areas where close-range fights usually occur is a great way to bring this weapon's maximum potential to the battlefield.


  • Strafing around its user can be quite useful too.
  • Avoid fighting in tight corridors and small rooms against this weapon, as this weapon's ricochet may hit you.
  • Try sneaking up on the user with a shotgun, melee or instant-kill weapon.
  • In medium/long range fights, move around and strafe with a heavy or a primary. Be wary though, as an experienced player can aim and hit you easily.
  • Even though this weapon cannot 1-shot to the head, take note that it can severely cripple your health, allowing you to be finished off quite easily by any weapon.

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