Hello fellas! Today, I made my first tutorial, about the Bass Cannon and how to use it. Some people in the game miss it! But this time, let's make a party in the battlefield!


This is the Bass Cannon.

First, find a map that is either small or big as the weapon's small area damage is useful for ambushing players in both small maps and big maps. Then, find a map like Atlantis Or Pirates!. I recommend it because new players are prone to an instant kill without armor and powerful weapons and they don't know how to use it after they purchase this gun!

Second, use this gun for finishing off players who have low health after the player killed your team. Don't forget that it has a small area damage making it useful for rocket jumping or killing low armored players in two hits.

Third, use this weapon wisely! Its capacity is only 5 and the maximum ammo is 20. It's useful for killing players ranked level 11 or below. Since version 10.4.0/10.4.1 introduces the new health system, be careful! Since all levels have extra health, it cannot instant kill now!

Lastly, it has a function like the direct hit in Team Fortress 2. The only difference is that you need to blast your enemy and hit him/her. It can kill without even airbourning an enemy. You can use this to ambush snipers since it has a fast cool-down time as it can mow down damaged enemies.

Well, that's it! For a Saints Row thingy, I would really appreciate it if you tell constructive criticism!

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