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Removed Symbol
This is a removed content. It is no longer available in Pixel Gun 3D.
Removed Symbol

The Pitbull Up2 is a Backup weapon introduced in the 10.1.0 update. It is the third and final form of the Pitbull.


It has a short handle with what looks to be a pitbull head on the front of the gun.


It has good damage, decent fire rate, average capacity and high mobility.


  • Use this in close to medium range for a less complicated duel.
  • Aim for the head to maximize damage.
  • Attack lower armored players for ammunition conserving and quicker and easier killing.
  • Don't stop dodging left and right and jumping while attacking an enemy player, especially if that enemy player has lower armor and weapons that aren't really effective against dodgers.


  • Pick off its users from long ranges.




Pitbull themed.


  • This, along with the other animal weapons, were removed for an unknown reason.
  • This is the only animal backup weapon in the game.