Weapon Tactics & Combinations

LVL 1 -10 = At this stage, you are a beginner. Buy weapons that are in the grade of Rare to get you started. Buy weapons like Snow Storm, Meat Grinder, Hitman Pistol, Combat Rifle, Marksman, Brutal Headhunter, etc.

Make sure to jump while you shoot at targets!

LVL 10 - 20 = At this stage, you are an intermediate. You have enough experience to get you through tough battles against tryhards and pros. Make sure to buy weapons that are of Epic or Legendary category. Your setup/loadout should look like this: Invader, Exterminator, Dark Force Saber, Prototype or Anti-Hero Rifle, Laser Bouncer and Armageddon.

Strafe around targets to confuse them!

LVL 20 - 38 = You are becoming a fully experienced Pixel Gun player. Make sure to buy weapons that are ONLY (with exception of upgraded Epics or Rares) in the category of Legendary weapons. If you think you are up to it, try getting a Mythical e.g. Destruction System, that will surely help with annihilating enemies! An appropriate loadout would look like this: Mega Gun, Dual Laser Blasters, Dark Force Saber, Reflector, Prototype S, Renegade.


-THE 3 CAT SPAM- This is mostly used by player between levels 38-55 (although that tactic is mostly frowned upon by players who normally play the game). It requires a rocket jump weapon, a strong special, a strong sniper and a strong backup.

WEAPONS USED: Thunderer, Reflector, Destruction System, Rocket Jumper, Prototype S, Anti-Hero Rifle, Anti-Champion Rifle, Ghost Launcher, Exterminator, Laser Bouncer.

-THE SNIPER- This tactic is used by people who are below level 55. It is when the player finds a good spot to hide and uses a wall break sniper, long range backup, long range

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