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The Pixelgun is a weapon that was released in the 16.5.0 update. It can only be used in Pixlgun 3D.


It looks very similar to the Pixel Gun. They both have a leather strapped handle and a chrome slide. The Pixlgun is slightly larger than the Pixel Gun and uses slightly darker or lighter shades on each part. This is the old look for the Pixel Gun back in 2013.


The Pixel Gun has a leather strapped handle, a chrome frame, and a chrome slide. The slide moves backwards when firing. Looks like a revolver.



  • Aim for the heads of the monsters to maximize damage.
  • Find for more ammo pickups in case it will run out of ammo soon.


  • Nobody knows the efficiency of this weapon.
  • It is the only weapon that can only be found in Mini-games and Polygon.
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