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Point Capture is a gamemode introduced in the 10.0.0 update.

How to Play

When you join a game you will be automatically put in a different team.

The goal of the gamemode is that a team must generate 1000 points or have the most points within the time limit by standing and/or moving inside the specific points on the areas that generate points. Once you stand or move inside the points for a certain amount of time, the base is automatically 'claimed' by your team and will generate points for it, even if nobody from your team is standing on the point, and it is already claimed, it will be marked blue. The points claimed by the enemy team though, will be marked red. There are 3 bases: A, B and C. The points have a circle marking the range that you step in for generating points. More than one player from the same team standing at the same point captures points slightly faster.

Point Capture Maps


  • This is similar to the Call of Duty Domination gamemode and Team Fortress 2's KOTH  gamemode.
  • The points contain items in the game in containers, such as ammo, coins, and gems, which are however cosmetic.
  • The map Mining Camp is exclusive to the gamemode.
  • If all 3 points are captured by the same team, the others team will not receive points.
  • In the 12.2.0 update, the mode's icon was modified.