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The Polygon is a weapon testing area introduced in the summer update of 16.5.0.


It is a map where any weapon can get any owned weapons tested against various enemies including regular immobile enemies, a sniper, a pilot and monsters on the back, including the Zombie, the Zombie Head and more.


The Polygon was originally introduced in the Armory as a weapon testing area in the 11.0.0 update. However, instead of testing all owned weapons, it allowed testing for any weapon, whether they are bought or not. It could be accessed by clicking the "Try" button. This was made to test out the weapon's performance and make the player more convinced on whether they would want to buy this weapon or not. However, it was removed shortly afterwards, but the reason of the removal wasn't stated.


  • A grassy, zombie feeding area on the back with monsters on it.
  • An area between the monster area and the enemy area, where the player spawns and where the "allies" are.
  • An area where all the enemies are, which includes a stony hill, well pit, a sniper fort and other obstacles.
  • Tiny projectiles that can be shot, such as the non-explosive version of the Molotov Cocktail and the Explosives.
  • The sky and terrain are based off the player's lobby, which can be seen in the distance by zooming in with a scope.
  • This map does not take account of weapon's Efficiency upgrades (unless wearing DPS booster setup).


  • You can view your own lobby by scoping outside of the polygon map.

    A view of the lobby in the Polygon, zoomed in with a scope.

    • It is unknown if you can access this section of the map or not. However, you cannot go there in the polygon map, due to invisible walls next to the fence surrounding the polygon map.
    • It may be possible now due to the introduction of the Portal Gun, as the player in the lobby can be hit.
  • Ricochet weapons will not function correctly in this mode, as they bounce off of the dummies.
  • Third Eye‘s scoping is currently function incorrectly. It can still x-ray, however.
  • There exists a bottomless pit (probably shaped like a well) where the Jetpack dummy flies above it, but it cannot be accessed.
  • The ground outside of the training area is not solid. If you shoot an area damage weapon at the ground outside, the projectile will not explode, but only pass through the ground.
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