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The Prototype S is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 13.0.0 update. It is an improved and redesigned version of the Prototype. It is obtained from Big, Large, and Great Clan Chests (now the Winner Chest) in the form of Legendary Gearicon. 40 pieces must be obtained to craft the weapon.


It appears to be a reskinned version of the Prototype.

It has a golden body, a silver grip with a red battery. The energy source in the barrel is neon blue, with two neon blue spring-loaded rings around it. The scope is golden with blue details.


This weapon is capable 1-2 head shot kill to an undamaged player with maxed-out health and Armour. It has high efficiency, low fire rate, medium capacity, and low mobility


  • This weapon, unlike the Prototype and the Anti-Champion Rifle, cannot be tracked from its lasers as it disappears right after it is fired. This could be used to your advantage as you can snipe from a place no one would know and camp there.
  • Strafe around when using this weapon if you are in a head-to-head fight. However, as said above, you should stay in one place if no one know where you are.
  • Use the scope for medium or long range fights. In fact, medium and long range is the best range for this weapon as it is a sniper.
  • At Flag Capture, if your flag is captured, then try to locate where your flag is and shoot directly under. If you are lucky you could get a shot in or a kill.
  • If you got a shot in, finish them using a fast fire rate primary weapon.
  • Aim on the head for maximum efficiency per shot.
  • Pair this with Cowboy Hat and max Sniper Cape for faster reload speed.
  • This weapon has a 9 capacity, making you not needing to reload that much.
  • This weapon isn't a one shot headshot anymore, but it can get the enemy very very low(2-6 health) if you aim for the head.


  • Move and jump around the user while attacking them to ensure you won't get killed.
  • Do not move and jump in a pattern as skilled players can estimate your position when firing.
  • Try to use weapons with area damage if engaging at close range.
  • Try to locate the sniper by its laser beam.
  • However jot it down mentally that the laser disappear a lot faster than the original counterpart and other snipers with lasers.
  • The Prototype S has a slow rate of fire. Immediately attack the sniper as soon as they have fired.
    • It's best to strike when the iron is hot.
  • Try to fight Prototype S users by going in close range and dodging his/her shots with a high-mobility weapon and using an area damage weapon to throw off their aim up further.
  • Avoid hallways when users are wielding wall break weapons like this one due to its high damage output and wall break. A good example is the main hallway in Silent School, which you should always try to avoid.
  • Use the hit indication to hunt and kill its wielder.
  • Using Prototype S can be effective when countering.
  • Rocket jump if possible.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

  • Equip an area damage weapon, in case of having difficulties in close quarters.
  • Equip a short range weapon when fighting in a close range.
  • Automatic weapons to finish off a weakened opponent.


  • Some of its parts slightly have an Iron Man theme.
  • It takes 40 parts to assemble (Like other Legendary Grade Clan Chest Weapons) and requires massive farming to get.
  • The other legendary clan weapons are Black Mamba, Mountain Wolf, Electrosphere, Frozen Dragon, and Hurricane.
  • It is possible that this is the successor of the Prototype.
  • This fires slightly faster than the Anti-Champion/Hero Rifle.
  • Its laser lasts much shorter than the Prototype/S and the Anti-Champion Rifle.
    • Its laser duration last same as Prototype/S and Anti-Champion Rifle in the 16.2.0 update.
    • Every other blue laser was also changed like this
  • In the 14.0.0 update, this weapon received a tweak where the capacity is now 6 instead of 9. However, this is reversed back in the 15.1.0 update.
  • A similar ‘S’ can be found in Royal Sniper Rifle.
  • After the 15.1.0 update, this weapon is nerfed to the point where it is 1-2 headshots kill.
  • The Prototype S, like all other Legendary clan weapons, is harder to get than Mythical clan weapons because the chance of getting Legendary parts is only slightly higher than that of Mythical parts, and Legendary clan weapons require 4 times the amount of parts as Mythical clan weapons.
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