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The Proud Eagle is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 16.6.0 update. It is currently obtainable from the Universal Champion Event Set along with Brave Lion and Sly Wolf.


The Proud Eagle features a body shape similar to the Spider Sense, besides for the buttstock and scope. It has a bright gold and blue design, with a tad bit of dark blue and red. A blue and silver banner with a gold crown is seen hanging behind a short barrel, ending with a relatively large muzzle brake.



  • Headshots are key in dealing more damage.
  • Since it features a target mark attribute, it is useful for detecting enemies you have hit.
  • Switch to speedy weapons in case you want to go fast.
  • Use the scope in engaging enemies in a long distance.
  • In Duel mode, use the target mark to mark your opponent and see where they are, making it easier to spy them if they are hiding.


  • Avoid getting hit by its users since they will detect you if you do so.
  • Counter with a one shot sniper/weapon, as this weapon is a two shot weapon.
  • Any close-ranged weapons can beat its users since this weapon is ideal for long-range encounters.
  • Area damage weapons can easily disorient its users.
  • Flank these users with a high DPS weapon.

Supported Maps


Weapon Setups

Bring a high DPS rifle in order to finish off opponentsafter you get a hit in.

Bring a high mobility meelee, like the Dark Force Saber or the Katana.


  • It looks similar to the Spider Sense
  • The weapon's barrel has the shape of a crown, which signifies its theme.
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