The Pumpkin Thrower is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 8.2.1 update.


It has a black and purple base, with a green box towards the front. The green box has a pumpkin with fangs on it. It appears to load pumpkins into an inferno then fires them.


It has high damage, low fire rate, low-average capacity, and low weight or mobility.


  • Use in mid-short range battles to get easier kills.
  • Don't shoot when the enemy is in mid-air. Wait until he reaches the ground.
  • Blast the floor to propel yourself or an enemy player away to give yourself space away from them.
  • Aim slightly upwards since this weapon has the looping shot ability.
  • This weapon has a decently large hitbox, similar to the Bastion, so you may treat this similarly.
  • Be mindful of how much ammo you have left.
  • This weapon could be paired with the Jetpack, with experience a user can fire this weapon from up above and predict the opponent's position.


  • Pick off its users from long ranges.
  • Use a Primary weapon and keep shooting the enemy while he is uncovered.
  • Use fast reloading and fast fire rate weapons to tick them off while they are slowly reloading.
  • Try jumping around, since this weapon has a looping shot attribute, they will have a harder time using this weapon against you.
  • Be careful when engaging these users in small hallways or buildings, since you would have a harder time dodging their projectiles.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Equip a mobile weapon and a long ranged weapon.


  • It is the only weapon so far to have a price that is not divisible by 5. The Upgrade costs 400Coin making 763Coin in total, a very expensive weapon. Between the 10.1.0 and the 11.0.0 updates, all forms costed Gem. As of the 11.1.0 update, all forms now cost Coin, having the same price, which is 140Coin.
  • It was released with the Hellraiser and the Missile Thrower in the 8.2.1 Halloween update.
  • In the 10.4.0 update, the range was buffed.
  • It was removed in the 12.5.3 update.
    • However, it was brought back in the 12.6.0 update.
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