The Pursuer Z3 is a Backup weapon in Pixel Gun 3D. It can be obtained from the Z-Squad Armory Event.


It is a green-gray handgun with a green/grey pistol grip, body, slide, barrel, and a laser sight. It has a red dot sight mounted on top. It also has 2 Zs on the weapon, similar to the Zombie Slayer.



  • Try strafing as much as you can with a good mobility weapon and then quickly switch and shoot
  • This weapon has x ray vision so take advantage of it.
  • Skilled players can aim for the x Ray and shoot with a wall break weapon such as the Prototype S.


  • Use high mobility weapons to escape the user
  • Try attacking the player with a long range weapon.
  • Do not try to hide, since users can see you through walls.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

This is a strong and versatile Backup weapon that can be used for any loadout. Use the X-Ray Vision attribute with any wall-break sniper weapon.


  • Its design is based off of the KRISS KARD.
  • Its firing sound and the reload sound is shared from the Zombie Slayer.
  • The holographic sight itself is not consistent with the real-world counterpart, since it cannot zoom.
  • This and the Overseer are the only weapons that have X-Ray Vision that's in Battle Royale.
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