The Raccoon With a Pipe is a Melee weapon introduced in the 16.5.0. update.


The Raccoon With a Pipe is a melee weapon consisting of a raccoon with a pipe-like musical instrument. It has excellent performance at max level. It deals a very high amount of damage, has good fire rate, and good mobility. It features area damage.


It appears to be a raccoon with a green jacket and brown pants. It is seen holding a blowing golden musical instrument, being a bugle.


It has very good damage, a good fire rate, and a slow mobility, It is 2-3 shots with huge area damage.

  • Use this in close range as this is a melee weapon. However, the area damage is a bit bigger than most area damage melees.
  • Use this in a group to get multiple kills.
  • Switch to a 80 mobility weapon as the mobility on this weapon is quite slow.
  • Continue holding the attack button in case you are surrounded by enemies.
  • Use this weapon against groups of enemies to benefit from area damage.


  • Attack the user from long range.
  • If you must get close to the user, use a shotgun like the Witchunter, Gift Stitcher, Ultimatum, Viking, or other powerful shotguns.
  • Outrun the user with any 80 mobility weapon.
  • Jump around the user so you don't get hit.
  • Try to rocket jump when near the user to get avoid getting hit.
  • Any ranged weapons (e.g. SMGs, rocket launchers) can outfight its users.
  • If rocket jumping is not possible, try to use a gadget that allows flight (such as Jetpack) or stalls the user (eg. Sticky Candy).
  • Use a weapon that slows them down.


Animal/scout themed

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Bring any long ranged weapon.


  • Despite having the name "pipe" (referring to the musical instrument that the Raccoon holds), it is actually a bugle that it is holding.
  • It is currently a trend among most active members of the PG3D Community Discord to call this weapon "Lil' Rac." (alternatively spelled "Lil Racc").
  • It is one of the few weapons that are living animals (e.g. Pet Dragon, Frank Sheepone and Loud Piggy).
  • It has been nerfed lately as of 16.6.0 update.
  • It looks slightly similar to Tom Nook from Animal Crossing except with a scout design.
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