Raid is a Multiplayer gamemode added in the 16.2.0 update, unlocked at Level 10. 4 players must complete certain objectives to reach the goal while surviving against hordes of enemies.

How to Play

A team of 4 players are set in a map, where they must venture throughout the map to look for keys to unlock the next area, eventually leading to main objective of the map. Players must survive through waves of monsters that will hunt down the team. To unlock a new area, the team must defeat a boss, who will then drop a key.

The players must complete the main objective within the given time limit, otherwise they will lose the match.


Due to the gamemode's heavy emphasis of teamwork and collaboration, a team must work together in order to complete the objective.

  • If you have 3 friends (as randoms cannot be trusted normally), should your team be split into 4 roles:
    • The Main DPS - This person should be the main damage output, mainly he/she will deal with powerful bosses and swarms of enemies. A good weapon for them is the Champion Peacemaker, the Automatic Peacemaker, the Excalibur or other high DPS and ammo primaries.
    • Second DPS - Backup if the main DPS dies/distracted by smaller targets. This DPS dishes out extra DPS from backup, primary and special weapons. The Thunderer/Exterminator, the Laser Bouncer/Reflector and the Black Mamba/Casanova are good weapons to use for this player in order to kill small bosses (such as the Chainsaw Doctor and the Infected Truck Driver).
    • The Anti-Swarm - This person should be using splash damage to help the DPS when they are attacked with small, powerful threats, such as Zombie Dogs. Some good weapons are the Champion Solar Cannon, the Destruction System or even the Shadow Spell.
    • The Support - This person should prioritize on doing objectives and supporting the team all the time. Good weapons would be a fast melee and a good sniper such as the Dark Force Saber and Comet.
  • Sometimes you just need luck in order to win. Also, communicate with your team would help more than this alone. If you have a group voice chat, you can use them to your advantage. Also, if you don’t have some of the weapons, it should be very cheap to unlock. Things unlocked at high levels like the Laser Bouncer can be alternated for the Fidget Thrower or the Bad Doctor (Actually works).
  • In this game mode, it is okay to die. The enemies are very powerful if you have weak armor. What you can do is to use the fact you can die a lot to your advantage by having your slow reloading weapons like the Big Buddy, the Prototype or the Exterminator to reload. However, this should only be done once/twice as it takes lots of time to go anywhere in the map after the city. Unless you are in hospital/school and you have to die in order to get to blockmart/bridge faster.



  • In the 16.5.0 update, checkpoints were added.
  • You can get over the wall to get to the Bridge boss with Demoman by stacking the mines and jumping.
  • You can't earn the Tournament Chest from winning Raids.
  • Monster don't drop shards anymore, they drop coins.
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