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The Ranger Rifle Up1 is a Primary weapon introduced in the 10.1.0 update. It's the first update of the Ranger Rifle


The gun is orange and white, it has a straight ammo clip, a skeleton icon beside the gun, big stock, and a 2x like scope.


It has good damage, good rate of fire, and average mobility. But the capacity is still low for rifle being.


  • Try to get a headshot from an easy-to-kill enemy for better damage and quick kills.
  • Its 2x scope makes it better at close to long range attacks. Not commented for continuous shooting due to the eventual widening of the cross hair.
  • Circle around your opponents while getting headshots in close ranges, but this is not recommended if your opponents have area damage or one shot weapons. But as you progress you may find people who are faster or have weapons with higher efficiency/could one shot you, so try to avoid close range combats.


  • Try to attack at long range so you won't get killed very easily.
  • Area damage weapons easily mess their aim while simultaneously dealing damage to him/her, allowing you to easily kill him/her or force them to switch weapons.
  • Try using low weight weapons to either run or dodge his/her shots. Wasting their ammo.


Ranger Rifle Up2, which costs 109Gem by upgrading the Ranger Rifle Up1.




  • It's based on real world FN SCAR-H with a 2x scope.
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