The Reaper is a Backup weapon introduced in the 13.0.0 update.


It appears to be a blue squarish handgun that is plated with gold and has red jewels on it. It has a accent of gray around the barrel. The barrel has three crystals.


It has a low fire-rate (but multiple shots), medium-high efficiency, average capacity, and medium mobility.


  • It has Multiple Shots, get into medium to close range battles.
    • This pistol has bullet travel time, it's advised not to use it at long range.
  • Don't solely aim at the head, since it does not have a head-shot multiplier.
  • Use this weapon to move around like a melee weapon as its mobility is average.
  • Take note that this will not get you far away from the battlefield.
  • Cluster them with Singular Grenade and fire the barrage.
  • Craft this pistol when you reached to Level 55, and you will not need any Gemor Coin to upgrade further.
  • Use this to finish off a weakened opponent.
  • Avoid performing the infamous Three Category Spam method if you wish to use this weapon, since doing so will just halt the burst shots when you quickly switch to the next weapon.
    • If absolutely wanted to, make sure all six mini-shots are fired off before switching weapons. Otherwise, you will waste the gun's capacity ineffectively.


  • Pick off users with long-range weapons.
  • Keep moving, and step back from the user as this weapon is not good for long ranged combat.
  • Jump around, travel time weapons have a hard time hitting players in mid-air.
  • Using Reaper yourself can be effective when countering its other users.
  • Do not hesitate if you see a Category Spammer using Reaper, as Multiple Shots is atrocious if switching weapons rapidly before all 6 mini-shots get released while wastes his/her ammunition.
  • Be aware if you are low in HP, even one or two mini-shots will kill you.

Supported Maps

Small maps such as Pool Party.

Weapon Setups

  • A primary for medium to long ranges.
  • Have a long ranged weapon or a highly efficient sniper.
  • A melee that has a mobility of 85.


  • Despite its name, a reaper is usually a dark assassin.
  • This could be a reference of Reaper from Overwatch.
  • Mythical clan-made weapons all have an armor bonus.
  • In the 14.0.0 update, this weapon's ammo got decreased from 7 to 5.
  • From 15.1.0 Update, the ammo was reverted back to 7 and took two barrages to kill.
  • It is the first and only backup weapon that sports Multiple Shots and Area Damage.
  • In Multiple Shots, it fires mini-shots of 6 if a player taps the fire button just once.
  • Its reload animation is similar to the Pizza Heater.
  • The body of this gun bears resemblance to the Alien Blaster.
  • If you start firing this and quickly switch to another weapon before this weapon finishes one barrage, its mini-shots will not come out.
  • The mini-shots have firerate of 98 when firing a barrage.
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