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The Rhino, or sometimes, Rhinoceros or White Rhinoceros, is a Legendary Pet introduced in the 11.3.0 update.


It appears to be a White Rhinoceros that has one horn; Seems to be had ears, blue eyes, grey body and a tail.

This animal measures up to 4.5 m in height and weight up to 3,000 lbs.


  • A level 1 Rhino causes a maximum damage til players close by; not much.
  • Your Rhino gets lost after using rocket jump, seems to be very close, it will follow again.


  • The Rhino’s Lips causes that smashing its damage easily.
  • This is the Rarest Pet that was one horn.


Level Speed Respawn Upgrade Cost Training Points Required
1 4 15 Default None
2 4 15 70 Coin 2
3 4 15 110 Coin 3
4 4 15 150 Coin 4
5 4 15 190 Coin 5
6 4 15 160 Gem 6
7 4 15 200 Gem 7
8 4 15 300 Gem 8


  • It is based off the White Rhinoceros that concerns the least populations on Earth’s critically pets on this game.
  • Seems to be heavy enough, it uses to damage more players.
    White Rhino From Africa

    A Rhino (Ceratotherium Simum) in Waterberg Plateau caught in Namibia.

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