The Ricochet Rifle is a Special weapon introduced in the 15.3.0 update. Its parts can be obtained in Event Chests.


It‘s mostly lavender, with navy blue grips, light blue wires, teal and yellow barrel and scope lenses, purple stock cushion and rail, and blue and yellow lights towards to the stock. It uses a half-yellow, half-teal rod as a source of ammo.


It has good damage, a good fire rate, a medium capacity, and an average mobility. It is 12-13 shots in the current update.

  • This weapon is the equivalent to the Alien Rifle and the Blinder, so use its Ricochet ability to your advantage.
  • Use it up to medium range due to its travel time.
  • Consider the ricochet feature, since it is useful in narrow hallways where its projectiles are relatively hard to dodge.
  • Use this weapon in maps like Pool party (Classic not reworked) , and try to upgrade if possible to legendary or at least epic quality in order to get more kills.
  • When using this weapon in maps like Pool party (Classic not reworked) , or Silent School, it’s best to shoot in the long corridors while you are out of sight so that you can get kills while staying relatively safe.


  • This weapon projectile speed is average, use a powerful weapon that has a faster or instant travel projectile to eliminate the user before this weapon's projectiles reach you.
  • The Reflector is a decent counter toward this weapon's user, as it will whittle their armor and Heart new.
  • Use a shotgun to quickly eliminate the user at close range.
  • Use an area damage weapon to disorien its users' aim.
  • Use a Sniper to eliminate the user at long range, as this weapon's projectiles take a while to travel long distances.


Future/Sci-fi themed.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups


Have powerful Primary and Backup weapons to deal with enemies that are too close, and use a sniper


  • It has similar projectiles as the Alien Rifle.
  • It has a similar design to the MA57 Assault Rifle from the Halo series.
  • When it was first released, it took around 20-25 shots to kill.
  • Now, it takes 12-13 shots to kill.
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