The Rifle Soldier is an enemy found exclusively in Megalopolis.


The Rifle Soldier looks similar to the Military Guy skin, except with a few different colors. Strapped onto his back is a jetpack similar to the one that is available in the armory. It wields a Secret Forces Rifle as it's weapon.


It will shoot the player, using the Secret Forces Rifle.

Difficulty Health Damage Speed
Easy 24Heart new 0.25Heart new Slow
Medium 36Heart new 0.25-1Heart new Slow
Hard 42Heart new 1Heart new Slow


  • Even though the Secret Forces Rifle itself deals a lot of damage, the soldier's weapon deals a lot less damage than how the actual one does.
  • The sound that this enemy's weapon makes is also very different than the Secret Forces Rifle. It is more similar to the former Assault Machine Gun.


  • Stay out of sight from these enemies use weapons like the Anti-Hero Rifle or any wall break 10x zoom weapons to snipe them from a long distance and through barriers.
  • For beginners, they only have a limited range so using a sniper is sufficient enough to kill them.
  • Rocket jump to avoid the bullets.
  • Get on the roof to have the upper ground.
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