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The Ritual Blade is a Special weapon introduced in the 14.0.0 update.


It a re-skin of the Tactical Tomahawk, but without the laser targeting system.

The weapon has a red shaft connected to a white/red blade at the tip, with a red handle, at the bottom of the weapon.



  • As always, aim for the head.
  • Try not to spam this weapon for you would be wasting your ammo. Only spam it in close ranges.
  • Try to avoid using this weapon for long-range duels.
  • Aim to the left a bit because it goes to the right a bit.
  • Get more ammo pickups in case it is low on ammo.


  • Engage from a distance.
  • Simply use your melee when forced into a close range combat.
  • hit users with a one hit kill weapons such as Anti-Champion Rifle.
  • Avoid its shots, since you will be bleeding, rendering you vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Have a good Sniper or Primary to use in medium-long ranges.


  • It is a re-skin of the Tactical Tomahawk. However, unlike the Tactical Tomahawk, it has no laser sight, due to the practical standpoint.
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