BattlePass Robot2

Robb-e is a character in Pixel Gun 3D and one of the guides of the Battle Pass. His purpose is to guide the player and give them information about what they can do in the Battle Pass.


Robb-e appears to be a small and white flying robot. It has black eyes with green pupils and neon blue ears. Its head is separated from its body. The body is mostly white and has a cyan button in the center and a pair of robotic arms. Robb-e has no legs, but it can fly with the engine it has below its body.

His outfits normally depend on the theme of the Battle Pass.


Robb-e tells the players about the rewards, what they could get, what happens when the Battle Pass ends, the 6 challenges and more.


Robb-e appeared and guided in every season except the first season, the Phoenix season. The guide of the Phoenix season was the Phoenix.


  • His name is based off of WALL-E, while his appearance is based off of EVE both from the film; WALL-E.
  • One of the moderators of the Pixel Gun 3D Discord used Robb-e as their profile picture for a while.
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