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Not to be confused with the Arnold 3000.

The Robo Dog is a Rare pet that was introduced in the unknown update.


It is a robot dog that has been on a “Cyber” mode, and it reflashes its head straight. This rarely Pet has blue robotic ears, a black nose, robotic head and a back, robotic legs made with black feet, grey body made of steel, a cyber vision helmet attached to its head, and a blue, wandering tail.



  • A level 1 Robo Dog causes moderate damage til players get close by for a few seconds, it criticised that the Robo Dog hits with its wandering bite.
  • Your Robo Dog teleports that you have been lost by using a rocket jump and it re-teleports to the player and it follows again.
  • Meaningless that this pet got criticised damage til players while get close, like the Legendary pet, Arnold 3000, is also in the “Cyber” mode.


  • This pet has lower damage that players shoot with weapons that are powerful.
  • It reconciled that it happens til players get close by, its a maximum high damage for players.
  • Perishing the Robo Dog using the highest fire rate and great accuracy, the Crystal Laser Cannon.


Level Attack Health Respawn
1 3 11 12
2 5 14 12
3 7 17 12


  • It is the critically dog that has a supreme damage to that repairs.
  • If the Robo Dog is destroyed and Collapsed, it will repair once again.

Here is the Picture of the Robo Dog Collapsing:

Dead Robo Dog