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The Royal Revolver is the Backup weapon introduced in the 15.0.0 update. It can be obtained from the Royale Battle Event.


It appears as a futuristic white/red pistol with an orange pistol grip, a light blue trigger and a black/red/white frame and slide. The weapon also features a white/red 4x scope with light blue lenses.


This weapon deals terrifyingly high damage, has a decent fire rate, an average capacity and a slower than average mobility. This weapon is capable of a two-shot headshot on champion armored players (without any armor boosters).


  • Aim for the head for a very easy kill.
  • Save your ammo and conserve it. Even with this weapon's fire rate, you'll burn through your ammo very quickly if you spray and pray.
  • Try not to rely on this weapon for getaway tactics, the 70 mobility is one of this weapons major flaws.
  • You may use this weapon in conjunction with area damage weapons due to the fact that this weapon has the "Slow Down the Target" attribute.
  • Try to stay away from open spaces and look out for snipers.
  • Try to avoid using this without the scope, as it has a lot of "steam" when it shoots, blocking your view.


  • Attack these users from afar or get in close with a superior close range weapon.
  • Engaging these users in medium to close ranges will pose a very high level of risk, but weapons with high power and damage should be able to aid you to take these users out fairly easily.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

This is an effective backup weapon for any playstyle for a Sniper or Primary user.


  • It was added in the 15.0.0 update as a part of the introduction of the new "Battle Royale" mode.
  • This was one of the select few that made it into the Battle Royale game mode.
  • Aside from dual-wielded weapons. It is the only Backup weapon to be held with two hands instead of one.
  • Despite its name, the weapon's appearance resembles more to a clip pistol than a revolver.
  • In the 15.1.0 update, this gun received a new efficiency of 32 (from 33 power). This isn’t necessarily a nerf because power and efficiency are two different things.
    • Even in the 15.1.0, this weapon is still really good and is a 3 shot headshot and a 4 bodyshot.
      • However, in the 15.4.0, this has been changed to a 2 headshot weapon.
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