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This is a removed content. It is no longer available in Pixel Gun 3D.
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The Science Lab was a medium-sized multiplayer map in Pixel Gun 3D. It was added in the 5.4.0 update.


The map takes place in a lab. It has 2 sides that are identical, with a main "courtyard" connecting the two. There are smaller sub-rooms (appearing as cages) within the 2 main rooms.

There are a series of red lasers (which kills players upon contact) and jump pads found throughout the map, allowing for a much more fast-paced battle.


  • Use the trampolines so that it would be harder for the opponent to attack you.
  • Be careful when you're using the trampolines as well because it's possible that you can land on the lasers or the lava pool.
  • Do not jump through the lasers or fall in the lava.
  • You can alternatively rocket jump with a weapon with rocket jump and no self-damage, like the Anti-Gravity Blaster.


  • This map includes trampolines, which allow the player to jump high.



Initial release.


It was removed from the game.


  • The map seems to be inspired by the Portal video game series.
  • This is the first map to have clearly visible hazards and contraptions to aid players.
  • The spawn rooms in this map are clearly inspired by the Relaxation Chamber in the original Portal.
  • This map contains advertisements for the Anti-Gravity Blaster.
  • This is the first map with jump pads and laser details.
  • This map, Destroyed Megalopolis, Quiet Island, Walking Fortresses, Ant's Life and Space Arena include jump pads.
  • Many elements of this map have been carried on to Space Arena.
  • This map's music can be set as the lobby music using the Jukebox.
  • There is a remake called Teleportal, which is in campaign.


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