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Science lab

The Science Lab Map

How To

This is very simple, but it may be costly for players that haven't advanced into the game. First of all, get a good weapon with good damage that can shoot through walls, like the Prototype PSR-1 or the Laser Minigun. You should also get an area damage effect weapon, because they work beautifully on players that jump on the spring pads. Another strategy is to get a weapon with a good scope (4x zoom or over) and camp somewhere. The Science Lab is a great place for camping and sniping since there are so many high ledges and corners. A very good one is to go into the other teams spawn point and get a weapon that can shoot through walls and kill them when they spawn over and over again. However, this will often result in vitriolic rage in chat, and is not recommended as your only strategy.

I hope this guide has helped you get the best out of the Science Lab map!

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