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The Shaman's Bow is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 14.1.0 update.


It looks like a jungle themed bow, with 4 animal teeth on the front of the bow. It has a green drawstring, and a grey bone arrow rest.

The arrow has a green shaft, with purple fetching and a bright green/yellow tip containing poison.


This weapon deals high damage, a slow fire rate (Average for snipers). Due to the "Random effects" attribute, this weapon can be very useful and handy in weakening enemy players.


  • Aim for the head since it deals more damage.
  • Try aiming for weakened players.
  • Try using combos by shooting enemies with this weapon first and then use another weapon to finish them off.
  • Its poison attribute is effective for damaging enemies over time, and could potentially kill a target.
  • Like all bows, its shots cannot be heard from a distance, use this as an advantage by picking off users at a distance.
  • Try taking precise shots at targets due to its low ammo pool.
  • This weapon, like most snipers, has no travel time and also does not lose accuracy much, if at all, when the firing button is held down.
  • This weapon can kill in 2-3 body shots, and kill in 1-2 head shots. It's possible to kill with one shot, using the random effects ability.
  • If using the leaders drum, it can one shot max armored players no matter where you hit them.


  • The "Random effects" attribute will very easily tear your armor and annoy you, so try to avoid engaging them at medium ranges.
  • When forced in a close range combat try using a shotgun, or your melee weapon if you don't have any.
  • Try sniping them with a weapon that is more suitable for long ranges.
  • Use your heavy in medium to close range combat to mess them up and confuse them.
  • Do not get fooled by this weapons projectile motion animation, as it's travel-time is instant.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Try having a good primary or a backup weapon for when this weapon runs out of ammo. This weapon is meant for weakening enemy players or disturbing them. This is more like a support weapon, so have a good primary and other weapons that can do what this weapon can't. However, with the right equipment this weapon is a 1-2 shot kill with effects.


  • It is the 8th bow added to the game.
  • The poison attribute was changed to random effects.
  • It is the first weapon from the "Sniper" category to feature random effects, the first in the game is fidget thrower.
  • In the 15.4.1 Update, This Weapon got significantly buffed. It’s Efficiency was buffed to 39.0, making it possible to one shot opponents.
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