The Shrimposaur is a Heavy weapon released in the 17.4.0 update.


This is an Alien themed Heavy weapon that has purple, green, yellow, blue, lime and red colors in it. This weapon has high damage, decently high fire rate, medium capacity, and medium mobility.


it is a smaller heavy weapon that has a new alien theme and has an eye in the middle and when you reload and sticky looking substance comes out out it when the cartridge is removed making it seem like the weapon is alive. And by its name it appears as a shrimp-like weapon like a tiny green tail on the back.


This is a high-damaging weapon that shoots pink-green projectiles with travel time which create explosions with the same color. While shooting, the weapon is turned to the right side.

While reloading, player takes off the magazine, its eye is opening and closing and the weapons' "jaws" are opening and closing too. Then, the magazine is put back. The reload animation is 2 seconds long.



  • This weapon works well in small enclosed spaces due to its area damage being high and also is a two hits kill or a 1 hit slow poisoned death because the Poison effect is high as Sharp Fans' Bleeding effect.
  • Use Jetpack and shoot your opponents from the sky.
  • Try to guess the right timing to shoot under the enemy's feet if he/she is jumping.


  • Any fast-firing or one-hit weapon can stop its users due to the gun 3 second reload and it has a fire rate of 90.
  • Use a primary weapon for the best chance since it is heavy but deals damage.
  • Have champion armor or higher for a chance to survive for a poisoned death.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Equip a long range weapon like the Digital Sunrise or the Brutal Headhunter.



  • Initial release


  • Its damage was nerfed to 3 shots.


  • It was buffed back to 2 shots.


  • This weapon is a part of the Alien Super Lottery.
  • It is one of the few weapons that can move by itself when viewing
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