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The Shuriken Thrower is a new weapon introduced in the 10.2.0 update. It is the first form of the Shuriken Thrower.


A shuriken-emitting device with claws attached to what appears to be a wristband. It features a very small scope. Everything is covered with green pattrened paint.


Due to the travel time of the projectiles, it is often better to use this weapon at close range, although skilled players are able to snipe with it. Without any "UP" upgrades, it takes two head shots or three body shots to kill a player that is Level 8 and below. This is about four to six hearts worth of damage per shot. Count shots in your head as you fight. Although the weapon has semi-automatic capabilities, it is only recommended that you use it for crowd control and/or hitting a fast moving target at close range, since you only have a magazine capacity of ten rounds. Avoid using this weapon when flying with a jetpack or trying to hit an enemy flying with a jetpack as it is too slow to be effective in such cases. Switching to a Primary or even a Sniper class weapon is often better and will make your life easier.


  • It's fairly cheap price (85 Gold as at September 2016) and versatility makes this weapon a great choice for starting players, due to its high power and above average mobility.
  • The weapon can be used as a makeshift sniper weapon in the hands of a skilled player, thanks to the travel distance of the projectiles and the scope mounted on the gun.
  • Post Level 8, the player must consider whether to continue using the gun, as enemies get stronger and the "two headshots to kill" rule no longer applies. This is also due to the next upgrade only becoming available at Level 12, for balancing purposes.


  • The further you are from the player wielding this weapon, the better. Fight at a distance to counter the travel time the projectiles need. Snipers work very well for this purpose.
  • Jetpacks are the bane of this weapon, due to its severe lack in aerial fighting capabilities. A player in a jetpack should take the opportunity to take out the player with the Shuriken Thrower.



Ninja-Styled Theme


  • This was once a secret weapon in the Pixel Gun Company's Facebook page. Since the post got 5000 likes, this weapon is revealed.
  • This was given the bleeding property in the 11.2.0 update
  • The shurikens this weapon fires are similar from the Ninja Shurikens.