In the game mode Fort Siege, you will discover that several different types of monsters (most of which are from the single player missions) can pose as defense for your team's fort. They come in many shapes & sizes, and each have their own unique abilities. There are 5 types of Siege monster, 2 of them are exclusive to the game mode, so they can't be found in Campaign.

Cluster of Spiders

The Cluster of Spiders resembles the Spider enemy in Campaign. However, they deal slightly higher damage than their counterparts in Campaign, and they attack using their webs, meaning that they slow down their desired target.

Zombie Horde

The Zombie Horde resembles the Zombie from Campaign, but unlike their counterparts, their damage is much higher.

Mini Bugs

Mini Bugs are the second fastest Siege Monster in the game, and they are ruthless killers, dealing devastating Melee damage. They closely resemble the Evil Bug boss in Campaign, except they are smaller and a different color.

Skeleton Mages

Skeleton Mages function exactly like the Skeleton Mage enemy in Campaign, shooting green projectiles.

Ghost Cavalry

The fastest monster in Fort Siege, the Ghost Cavalry follow a set path around the battleground, dealing heavy damage to whoever they trample.


  • These monsters will not attack the defending team, only the attackers.
  • The Ghost Cavalry are just bigger reskins of the Unicorn pet. They are the only Siege Monster to be based off a pet.
  • The Spider Boss is present in the fort preview of the Cluster of Spiders, but it doesn't show up in battle. The same can be said for the Police Double Headed Zombie and Zombie Head in the fort icon for Zombie Horde.
  • The Skeleton Mages are the only Siege Monster that shoots projectiles.
  • The Cluster of Spiders are the only Siege Monster that can afflict a status effect (slowdown).
  • The Mini Bugs are the only Siege Monster to be based off a Boss.