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The Singular Grenade is a Throwing gadget added in the 11.1.0 update.


The main parts are grey, with four purple supporting rods, one on each side. There is a small mechanic (lid) with a wire connecting into the body of the grenade.

When thrown, it implodes and creates a purple black-hole type sphere and plays a high-pitched sound effect and exhausts as the black hole evaporates.


It is thrown like a grenade, and it will pull enemies into a purplish black hole for a short amount of time. This makes it easier to earn kills.


  • Throw at the middle where there are groups of enemies and use a high damage area damage weapon, such as the Fireball Spell, Ghost Lantern or Solar Power Cannon.
  • Throw this in mid-air so enemies won't escape from rocket jumping.
  • Another weapon that can be used is a shotgun, such as the Predator, Heavy Shotgun, or the more efficient Photon Shotgun.
    • The Photon Shotgun is proven effective as it will keep damaging targets even the gadget's effect is over, specifically by its burning trait.
  • Use other weapons and kill many of the incapacitated targets as you can.
    • When you're in the hole, you can also do the same thing, killing as many players as you can, it's just a bit more difficult.
  • Try pulling people off the map by throwing it a bit off the ledge.
  • In Point Capture, throw a grenade near the enemies' spawn, where it will delay their actions for a short time.
  • Jetpacking/airborne targets can be sucked into the black hole and making them open for attacks.
  • This is one of the good counters to resurrecting players, as the pull will make them very vulnerable and busy once they sprung back to life.
  • Use the Dual Cryo Pistols or any high efficient Area Damage weapons with it.
  • This is a great counter to the Robot Samauri. When they are chasing you, Spam this right on the ground so they walk right in front of it.


  • Play on long ranged maps, where this weapon will not be able to group players in a place easily.
  • Stay very far away from the black hole, because this can quickly suck players into a black hole.
  • Important: To avoid being stuck in a black hole long with easily getting picked off by a ghost from a player's Ghost Lantern, try rocket jumping using the 0xBadc0de or use the Dark Force Saber.
  • It's possibly to free yourself from the black hole by using max mobility setup with max level Dark Force Saber or any melee that have a mobility of at least 90.


  • It's proper name must've been "Singularity Grenade". Possibly due to translating problems resulted in the word "Singular".
    • A singularity is the "core" of a black hole, where a gravitational field becomes infinite.
    • If a black hole is made from this device, in reality, it is enough to grow larger and eventually swallowing the Earth whole.
  • This gadget's ability is very similar to the "Graviton Surge", the Ultimate Ability of Zarya from Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch. Both create a black hole-like vortex that pulls in enemy players, leaving them vulnerable to damage.
  • This is the only gadget in the Throwing section whose base form costs coins for all players, even the higher leveled players.
    • The Frag Grenade's base form is free, and its second form costs coins.
  • If you're the one who has thrown it, you can't get sucked in.
    • If you or your teammate has thrown this, none of the players in the same team will get sucked in.
  • Even though this is a grenade which creates a black hole, players don't actually get sucked in nor stretched beyond recognition.
  • In the 12.5.0 update, an upgrade has been added to this gadget.
    • However, it was removed in the 12.5.3 update.
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