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This Tutorial may Mess up your Game

Some people might be annoyed that they just bought the pro version of this game, only to find the regular stuff is gone! Here is how to get skins on the pro version, and put them on your regular account!

Step 1

Just plug in your device to the computer! Then, make a copy of all of your pixel gun regular and pro version on your computer. (To find the files, search p3d) 

Step 2

Now, find your skins (they should be named User_Skin or something like that) copy these to somewhere, then rename them Mult_Skin_any number between 0 and 27. Then make a copy of these, and add an "i" (no quotation marks) to the end of Mult.

Step 3

Now delete all your skins and restore them using media they will be back. 


Example of a custom skin


This works similar on iOS as well, but instead using I-explorer you can use ifunbox too! (As of iOS 8.3, Apple has disabled app data editing for non-Jailbroken devices.)

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