The Sly Wolf is a Special weapon introduced in the 16.6.0 update. It is currently only obtainable through Gallery, and is in an Event Sett along with Brave Lion and Proud Eagle.


It is a white shield with diamond and gold accents, and a golden wolf head on the center.


It has decent damage, a slow fire rate, a very good capacity, and a slow mobility. It is 2 shots when fully charged.


  • It‘s 2 shot kill when max charged.
  • Use this with teammates to defend them.
  • Switch to high mobility since this weapon does not have a mobility optimal enough for fleeing purposes.
  • It can block virtually any projectile or laser including area damage projectiles, piercing shots, and even wall-break shots. Although take note there are some weapons that can bypass it completely, see counters.
  • Notice that it does not hold an infinite amount of capacity, so do not be comfortable to the idea that you can use the shield mode without having to reload.
    • This is even worse if an enemy with a more powerful weapon hits your shield.
  • Use the dash ability to do surprise attacks, but keep in mind that this weapon isn’t 1 shot.
  • This weapon is extremely useful Siege since mobility is generally limited, you will give an advantage for your team.
  • Use this when you are low on health and armor.
  • Use this for the Magic Brawl to get easy trophies and lots of kills.


  • Attack its users from behind.
  • Although this weapon can block virtually any projectile, including wallbreak weapons. There are weapons that can bypass this shield completely. Weapons like the Ultimatum and the Gold Fever.Also combat yo-yo is Also a really good since the weapon has the weird aoe that goes through wall including sly wolf itself
  • Move quickly with an 85 mobility weapon through the Sly Wolf's barrier then fire with a shotgun such as Ultimatum or Acid Shotgun. Although this method is very risky and can get you killed.
  • Use a slowing weapon in case its users are in dash mode.
  • Fire explosives towards its users surrounding side, so he will be hit.
  • Stay airborne so there will be less chance its users will hit you.
  • Fire contact detonator projectiles on the ground, especially in hallways, since users trying to charge towards you will receive damage and even kill themselves.
  • This weapon uses up more ammo the more damage is absorbed, you may spam high damaging weapons to drain it's users ammo supply since it is limited.

Supported Maps


Weapon Setups

Rocket jump with the Royal Ashbringer and use Sly Wolf as a surprise attack or use it to dodge projectiles or one shot weapons.


Shield protecting you and your allies from the enemy fire. What can be better in a teamfight? Save me from a weapon, a cheater, and 3CatSpam.

Weapon's description in Gallery


  • It is one of the handful of weapons that involves defense, rather than just offense.
  • This is the first weapon to feature shield and dash attribute.
  • It is an only shield-based weapon that can block wall-break projectiles.
  • This weapon has the biggest capacity of all the weapons at 250, beating the Cyber Laser by nearly twice as much.
  • This is similar to the Protector of Peace as it has Charge Shot, the same category (Special), and they both resemble shields.
  • The weapon is the first, and currently the only weapon to have the Shield attribute.

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