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The Smart Bullet Bazooka Up1, commonly abbreviated as the "SBB", is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 10.6.0 update. It is the second and final form of the Smart Bullet Bazooka.


As the name suggests, it is a bazooka. It has many elements from the Super Mario franchise, such as the faced bullet that appears to be the Bullet Bill.


It has high damage, medium rate of fire, low capacity, and average mobility.


  • Use swarms of missiles to increase damage.
  • Use this against the closest player for a fast kill and to conserve ammo.
  • If your aim is decent, there is no need to use this weapon as you will find direct shooting with another area damage weapon (e.g. Rocket Crossbow) much more effective.
  • Try to shoot from medium ranges.
  • Just like the Big Buddy UP2, use the Singular Grenade to pull more enemies, and swarm them.


  • Pick off its users from long ranges.
  • When the missiles are following you, try to go to a wall where the missiles will eventually hit the wall.
  • Some projectile weapons can destroy the rockets (Ex. Barrier Rifle, contact detonators). But time them and give precision to your shots.
  • Due to its slow projectiles, you can use Stinger UP2, to counter them (due to its fast projectiles) in medium-short range.
  • A hard counter is to simply outmaneuver them.
    • Rocket jumping to different directions helps you escape the rockets with ease.
    • Using Berserk Boots and switching to a melee such as Dark Force Saber Up2 to outrun the bullets.
    • Using Burning Tiara, Demolition Mask, My Cape (optional), and some form of double jump, allows a player to double jump repeatedly while moving in a direction to outmaneuver the bullets, this tactic allows the player to shoot at the bazooka user.
    • Using a Jetpack repeatedly rising then falling provides a massive maneuverability advantage, tip above uses similar mechanic.


N/A (Final)


Super Mario Universe's Bullet Bill.

Weapon setups

Bring a scoped weapon to take out targets from afar, as the rockets are slow to travel to the target.

Bring a flamethrower with a scoped weapon. Use flamethorwer (e.g. Pet Dragon) to kill at close range and scoped to kill from afar.


  • It's one of the only two homing weapons in the game, the other being the Bee Swarm Spell.
  • When fired, it uses the firework sound from the Mario Bros. series.
  • It was nerfed in the 11.0.0 update; the speed of the rockets or "smart bullets" was slightly reduce, making it easier to out-run the rockets.
  • This weapon rivals with Stinger UP2, due to its counterpart's ability to home in players (though easily avoidable unlike Smart Bullet Bazooka (whose travel time is slow unlike Stinger)).
  • This weapon borrows many aspects from the Super Mario Bros. franchise:
  • The bazooka itself resembles a Bullet Bill Cannon, with the projectiles being the Bullet Bills.
  • The homing effect also reflects many Bullet Bills having the ability to chase Mario when fired.
  • The bazooka can also be a reference to Roy Koopa from the Mario series as well, as he uses and fires a Bullet Bill Launcher in New Super Mario Bros. U.
  • This bazooka also fires Bullet Bills that can home in on and chase Mario.
  • Despite the weapon having a grade of Legendary, it's a common weapon to encounter in battles.