The Smile Mine is a Throwing gadget introduced in the 11.1.0 update.


The "Smile Mine" is shown to be a proximity mine, with a green baseplate, comical yellow face in the center, and several wires exposed on the front of the device. 


The player chucks the mine from their right hand, creating a loud, distinctive laugh in the process. The mine will proceed to steeply arc through the air until it lands on a solid wall or floor, where it will stay until further notice. The mine cannot be destroyed by ordinary means. No bullet, explosive, or gadget can destroy a Smile Mine which has already been placed. The mine will be destroyed only if, it is activated by an enemy player, when the user places another, or the match has ended. The mine is small and has no hitbox, and can activate even if an enemy does not touch it directly. The mine has the capability to one-shot any enemy, making it superb in a sneaky trap around corners, doorframes, or high-traffic areas.



  • When thrown, it lies flat on any surface, making it hard to see if you are not paying attention, so be careful about where the mine is.
  • When stepped on or walked near, it explodes, possibly killing the victim.
  • Put it near your spawn so enemies will avoid spawn-killing you and your teammates.
  • When not upgraded, it's explosion deals about the same damage as being shot by the Battle Mech once.
  • Deploy the mine somewhere where it is difficult to see, such as around corners, granted your opponent hasn't appeared yet.
  • You can use the explosion of the mine to "Rocket Jump", although it is not ideal unless you don't mind losing a good chunk of your armor/health.
  • In Flag Capture mode, try to deploy this right onto your team's flag. Anyone who tries to grab the flag will get either destroyed or seriously injured by the hidden mine, leaving him vulnerable. Putting it on the open door to the flag works too.
  • Use this if there's a portal, that way if someone goes in the portal they will explode.
  • Place this under flat bridges as the mine will still activate if an enemy walks above it. It will deal full damage even through the bridge.
  • There is no way to escape the damage of the mine. If you run straight through it at max mobility or try to escape through a portal, the mine will still deal devastating damage to you.


  • Being a proximity mine, it will explode when an enemy gets too close to it. If a teammate deployed the mine and you were caught in the explosion, no friendly fire damage would be dealt.
  • This can badly maim even a well-armored player, avoid at all costs.
  • When deployed, it emits a distinct giggling noise, so pay attention to it.
  • Use the Reflector gadget if you know you'll be walking into the mine. You will still take damage, but the user who placed the mine will take damage too.


  • This is one of the three Throwing Gadgets with the "Contact Detonator" attribute. The other two are the Fake Bonus and the Firework.
  • The weapon shares both a similar appearance and a similar function to the Concussion Mine, an ability and weapon of Jamison Fawkes (Junkrat) from Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch.
    • Both are highly powerful and explosive mines, with a grinning face as well as crossed-out eyes, that can be thrown and stuck to nearly any surface.
    • The explosions of both mines can also be used as a means of blast jumping.
    • However, the two also share one common difference, and that's how they are detonated. Junkrat's Concussion Mine can be manually detonated via the click of a button, while the Smile Mine can only be detonated when an enemy gets close enough to trigger it.
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