The Snowball is a weapon in the Special category introduced in the 10.2.0 update.


It's a simple, white, pixelated snowball.


The Snowball is an efficient weapon, which deals moderate damage. However, you can only shoot one snowball before reloading. This defect makes it less useful than the Snowball Gun Up2. As of the current update, this weapon is a 2 shot kill.


  • You can run around easily and fast with its because of its high mobility.
  • It is not recommended to use the Explosive Ammo module combo on this weapon as it does not have a clip despite having a reload animation.
  • Locate snipers and throw at them many snowballs aiming for the head. They won't probably see them coming.


  • Approach your opponent and use small-ranged weapon such as Primaries and Backups.
  • Keep an eye on your surroundings since you will be caught off guard with its AoE.
  • Area damage weapons can overpower its users.

The Snowball in use.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Bring with you a good Melee weapon to defeat near enemies.



Initial release


  • The Snowball and its upgrades are the only weapons (excluding the Throwing gadgets) that you can throw at a target. In Pixel Gun World, there is a similar weapon, called the Pixelrang.
  • This weapon is identical to the projectile of the Snowball Gun. They both have the same lethality.
  • It became much more powerful, as it takes two shots to kill a dummy in the Polygon.
  • If a player hits an another player it the Sandbox. It displays "(Player) hits (Player)".
  • In the 12.5.0 update, players in a Sandbox match can now utilize all Sandbox weapons for free.
    • In that same update, this weapon, along with the Balloon Cannon, the Bouquet and the Fireworks Launcher, became Sandbox-exclusive weapons.
    • However, this was reverted in the 12.5.3 update, where the weapons now cost their original price.
  • As of 16.8.0, it does not have a reload animation.
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