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The Snowball Gun Up2 is a Special weapon added in the 9.0.0 update. It's the second and last upgrade of the Snowball Gun.


It looks similar to the Flower Power, only it is blue and has a wider ammo box. It's identical to the Snowball Gun and the Snowball Gun Up1.


This gun shoots a tiny snowball. It's projectiles are stronger than its predecessor's, so it's easier to deal damage to enemies, also if they wear armor. It's recommended to shoot camping and immobile players, because this weapons inflicts a moderate damage and has a pretty high rate of fire.


  • This seems to be a Christmas themed gun, like its predecessors.
  • Before, it used to lob snowballs. Now, the snowballs are shot directly.
  • A snowball falls from the sky when you shoot a snowball.

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