The Soda + Pop is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 16.5.0 update. It is part of the Mr. Fruit set.


Soda + Pop is summer themed weapon where a bottle is thrown for its projectiles. It deals very high damage with low capacity and medium mobility. It is sometimes a 1 shot if the weapon is fully upgraded and does a direct hit. 


The Soda + Pop is made up of two items: a 3/4 filled soda bottle and a packet of mint candy (an imitation of mentos). The drink is orange, suggesting that it is orange-flavoured soda.


The player throws the bottle, it will fly through the air with a looping trajectory. The bottle will explode when it hits the walls/ground or another player. 

When a bottle is thrown, the player will take out another bottle, do a "trickshot" with the candy inside the bottle, and then shakes it. 

It has a fixed delay so it needs a small pullout time to be able to shoot(throw).



  • The cluster bomb is an effective way of getting rid of groups of enemies.
  • Pair this with the Singular Grenade or Sticky Candy for easy kills and points.
  • Use this in small spaces or hallways, as the cluster bombs will be able to take out or damage more players.
  • Make sure not to accidentally hit nearby or teammates in front of you with this weapon, as you may take self damage by the cluster bombs.
  • As this weapon's projectiles have travel time and an arching shot, it is not recommended to use this at long ranges, unless the opponent is close to a wall.
  • Try to conserve ammunition, as this weapon only has a few shots.
  • If one shot does not kill a person, it can cripple them severely. Use an instant-kill weapon such as Exterminator or an automatic weapon to finish them off.
  • When attacking users who are in a high place, make sure to go to the same elevation as them, as the looping shots will likely miss unless you do so.
  • If you see a user close by behind glass or suspect that a user is behind a wall, shooting at the wall will likely damage the user if you cannot go into the area yourself.
  • Hide behind walls or somewhere safe when reloading, since the reload speed is slow.
  • This weapon can be used similarly to the Huge Boy, so if you use the Huge Boy, use the Soda + Pop in a similar way.
  • Try not shoot at enemies who are at a very close range, because this weapon can inflict high amounts of self-damage. 
  • Do NOT every try Rocket Jumping with this weapon as it deals a tremendous amount of self-damage. 


  • Strafe around its users at a medium range to confuse the user and avoid more damage.
  • Use an instant-kill weapon such as Anti-Champion Rifle to effectively eliminate its users.
  • As this weapon has only one bullet in its capacity and a relatively slow reload, use these seconds to quickly kill the user.
  • Spray the user with an automatic weapon, while constantly moving, so to cripple their health and make it more difficult for them to aim.
  • Go very close to the user and use a melee weapon, so if they try to attack you with this weapon, they will likely also damage themselves.
  • Stay in a place that is higher than that of the user to decrease the chances of getting hit, and eliminate the user with a sniper weapon
  • Use the Reflector so the player will damage themselves when he/she tries to damage you (or your nearby teammates) with this weapon.
  • If you do not have adequate counters to this weapon, keep your distance, as the arcing shot and cluster bomb may be able to damage you.
  • Try hiding behind walls or other barriers where the user cannot find you, to avoid encounters.
  • A skilled player may be able to estimate where the rocket lands and how far its shots will go, so be wary.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Pair this weapon with a variety of different weapons. A shotgun, such as the Viking, works well with this weapon. You may also want to use a weapon to reach players at long distances, such as the Anti-Champion Rifle. A faster-firing weapon can be useful in certain situations, so weapons such as the Orange Killer or Pew Pew Rifle are recommended.



  • Initial release.


  • This and all weapons that have the cluster bomb attribute have been buffed in terms of damage.


  • This weapon's damage is reduced by 29%.


  • It no longer use Toy Bomber's projectiles as its Cluster Bombs.


  • It works similarly to the Huge Boy.
  • The soda bottle and mint packet may be a reference to Coca Cola and Mentos, as the mint makes the soda fizzle in the firing mechanics.
  • This weapon was referenced in a preview of the Summer Update on the game's social media platforms as an animation of a "bottle flip".
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