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This is a list of Pixel Gun 3D Soundtracks and their original titles. Cubic.Games does not make their own music, but instead takes most of the soundtrack off of Audio Network.

Pixel Gun 3D Title Original Title
Two Castles Vipassana 2 - Barrie Gledden
Cemetery Horror Village - GMP Music
Sniper Forts/Deadly Complex Evil Beat - Wez Devine
Science Lab Abby in the Lab Again - DJ Brian
Classic Lobby Bamalam - Darren Leigh Purkiss
Silent School Mystifier - David O'Brien
Heavenly Garden Heaven Bent - Al Kussin
Ant's Life ???
Arabian Dust Afghan Red - Lil Lulu
Sky Islands Summer Dub - Wez Devine
Pool Party Bjorn Lynne & Adam Skorupa - Evasive Target
Mafia Mansion Sideways - Bjorn Lynne
Ambient Lobby ???
Four Seasons Light Comedy 3 - Alex Khaskin
Parkour City 3019 Lets Do It 3 - Dan Skinner
New Camelot Informer 4 - Bob Bradley
Checkmate Fatal Attraction 3 - Gerrit Wunder
Candy Land Soul Step - Bob Bradley
War of Toys Junkyard Shuffle - Keith Beauvais
Aztec Temple Headhunters - Louise Tremblay
Toy Factory (Old) / Day Christmas Town (17.1.0)
Christmas Town/Old Pumpkin Island The Ballroom Waltz of Horror - Bobby Cole
Train Robbery Dubstep On My Boots - Christian Marsac
Atlantis Drum n Soul - Bob Bradley
Nuclear City Mean Old Son Of A Gun - Dan Skinner
Emperor's Palace Modern Geisha 2 - Christophe Goze
Alien Planet Mystery Of Planet Ex - Christopher Slaski
White House Cloth Cap March - Jeff Meegan
Warehouse Assault
Paradise Resort Honolulu Honey - Jeremy Sherman
Area 52 Labs Modular Disko - Darren Leigh Purkiss
Space Station Kill The Flesh
Knife Party/Portal Complex
Pirates! Rondo - Greg Patmore
Christmas Dinner / Night Christmas Town (17.1.0) Enchanted Forest - Paul Mottram
Parkour City Robot Talkin' - Darren Leigh Purkiss
Aircraft Carrier First Contact - Bob Bradley
Pumpkin Island (16.8.0) Spooked - Matt Hill
Scary Pizzeria Westside - Gareth Johnson
Dangerous Roads Deeper - Hubert Marniau
Deadly Arena Stirred - Worldwide Harmonics
Winter Wonderland Winter Hall - Haene & Maddeford
Inside the Code/"???" Computer Soul - Opus 1
Utopia Soaring - William Pearson
Space Desert
Night Hunting Twisted Bad Boy - Darren Leigh Purkiss
Afternoon Battlefield Twisted Bad Boy - Darren Leigh Purkiss
Destroyed Megalopolis
Desert / Mummy’s Temple Kingdom of the Maya - Bjorn Lynne
Parallel World Empty Capsule - Dan Pound
Space Station (Old) Dubstep On My Boots 2 - Christian Marsac
Foggy Swamp
Walking Fortresses Dark March - Toomas Erm
Skin Editor Untroubled - Luciano Storti
Secret Base
King of the Hill Technical Itch - Darren Leigh Purkiss
Christmas Dinner (17.1.2) Cracked Nutter - Bob Bradley
Area 52
"???" Old Version
Toy Factory (17.1.2) Dance Of The Elves - Terry Devine-King
North Pole/Dead City
Infected Prison
Farm Assault Waiting Scared - Alex Khaskin
Night Pool Boom Town - David O'Brien
City / City Of The Dead A Haunted Circus Show - Bobby Cole
Unsafe Harbor/Old Space Arena Raized - Modus
Spooky Theme Park Grooty McGruesome - James Brett
Ice Palace/Magical Valley Manifest Labyrinth
Ghost Town
Terrifying Resort
Sandbox Seashore - Brian Thomas Curtin
Radioactivia Lottery Burning Rubber - Tom Quick
Block Crash Electro Vice - Terry Devine-King
Extreme Run Boozy Nights - Igor Dvorkin
Parkour Challenge/Jumpbox Butternut Squash - Terry Devine-King
Space Arena/Spaceship High Altitude - Bob Bradley
Cargo Ship Wobblers Of The Deep - Matt Hill
Train Depot Kicking In - Bob Bradley
Alien Planet Mystery Of Planet Ex - Christopher Slaski
Fort Siege
Fort Crafting/Gladiator Fights Lottery Master of Mists - Igor Dvorkin, Ellie Kidd
Facility Hot in There - Jason Pedder
Scientific Lab/Exoskeletons Fun Time - Terry Devine-King
Battle Royale Crash Landing - Bob Bradley
Developer Lab 15.1.0 Raized - Dantist
Sniper Tournament Loaded Gun - Barrie Gledden
Time Travel There Is Always Time - Gareth Johnson
Battle Pass
Developer Lab 15.2.0 Raized - Darkness
Aztec Temple 15.8.1 Abuse - Bob Bradley
Super Soldier/Survivor Season Centre Of The Universe - John 00 Fleming
Cubota 2 Deadly Transformation 2 - Christopher Ashmore
Citadel Android Birth - Bob Bradley
Cubic Grit - Bob Bradley
Teleportal Party Machinez 2 - Darren Leigh Purkiss
Cookie King
Aircraft Carrier First Contact - Bob Bradley
Glider Rush Phat Controller - Matt Hill
Operation SNOW/Super Mutant Mission - Bob Bradley
Boss Theme 16.0.0 Thrashdown - Jody Jenkins
Christmas Invasion Electric Funk Slave 2 - Adam Drake
Portalius Downtown Detective - Lincoln Grounds
Z-Squad Wind it Up - Gavin Harrison
Developer Lab 15.7.2 Motorcrash - The Speedway
Developer Lab 15.8.1
Summertime Season Summer Beats - Bob Bradley
Mr. Fruit Bubble Bath - Dave James
Summer Adventure/Halloween Avatar Expect The Unexpected - Andrew Skeet
Chess Season Anitra’s Dance 3 - David Tobin
Unused Gallery Theme Pimp Me Up - Chris Norton
Toy Season Love Bullet 2 - Bob Bradley
Aztec Temple (Arcade Season Update) Bombay Remix - Matt Hill
Arcade Season Brighter Now - Barrie Gledden
Digital Hero Yuppie Groove - Christian Marsac
Fighters VS Gunners Citonault Pipo - John 00 Fleming
Halloween Season Skeletune - John Altman
Pumpkin Island (16.8.0) Spooked - Matt Hill
Thanksgiving Season Swamp Life - Jeremy Sherman
Fairytale Season Magic Web - Dan Skinner
Krampus Lottery Blood Bath - Bob Bradley
Mouse King Night Forest - Terry Devine-King
Dynasty Pi Armory Shanghai Dream - Christopher Ashmore
Oriental Season Shadows at Sunrise - Ling Peng, Michael Tedstone
Ancient Master
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