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The Spender is a Backup weapon introduced in the 14.0.0 update.


It has an overall yellow-green theme, featuring a Clover at the back of the gun and a pouch of gold at the top of the gun. Its bottom part is brown-colored.


It deals good damage, moderate fire rate, average capacity, and high mobility.


  • Rush to the ram in Siege by rocket jumping.
  • Aim at enemies' feet to secure your hit.
  • This weapon works best at small confined spaces, where your enemies can't really has much maneuverability to dodge your projectiles.
  • Try conserve ammo since you only have 10 shots per magazine.
  • Rocket jump and fire with the Deadly Beat to kill you opponent.
  • Since this weapon has the Area Damage attribute, you can aim at the floor or other surfaces to hit your opponents.
    • Knowing this, you can also wait and shoot at a cluster of enemies to deal damage to all of them.


  • Pickoff these users from long range with a Sniper like the Future Sniper Rifle or just a high damaging weapon such as the Anti-Champion Rifle.
  • Try to stay away from corners and tight spaces.
  • Waste their ammo by simply dodging and jumping around.

Weapon Setup

Always have a good mid to long range weapon at you since this isn't really a weapon to be used all the time.

  • It is already quite obvious that this weapon does not deal high amounts of damage. The best gameplay you could ever get from this is in close ranges and against weakened enemies. Users of this weapon would only find this useful in finishing off weakened enemies after engaging them with your other weapons.
  • This weapon is very good paired with the Deadly Beat.


  • This weapon was added in the 14.0.0 update.
  • There exists its reskinned spin-off = the Trick and Treat
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