The Spirit Staff is a Melee weapon introduced in the 17.2.0 update. It is obtained from the Oriental Season Battle Pass.


It is a double sided staff which jas the ability of super punch and burning. It does amazing damage when paired with the burning attribute, a decent attack speed and a high mobility of 85.


It appears to be a double-sided staff with what could be potentially lasers at both of its end. Its handle has white and gray accents and is potentially wooden. The hilt is colored golden. It strongly resembles the Double Sided Lightsaber from Star Wars. it is similar to Dark Force Saber and Elder force saber.


This weapon is usually used to rush and the best way to kill people with it is to have a primary weapon such as Viking or Ultimatum so the player can shoot their enemy and finish them off with the Spirit Staff, which performs best at melee range. The burning effect gives the player a higher chance to kill their opponent with 1 tap.



  • One of most functioning ways to kill your opponents is to come from their back and 1 tap them.
  • This weapon is most used on small maps such as pool party and other small maps.
  • Equip this weapon with Burning Tiara to increase your jump height and speed.
  • When you hit somone with this, it will activate a shockwave. Use it to defeat a crowd of enemies.
  • Use the Burning attribute to gain an advantage.


  • Run away with a 85 mobility weapon.
  • Use the Sticky Candy to slow them down then finish them with any high damage weapon you are comfortable with.
  • Use any ranged weapons against its users if in a non-melee only map.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

  • Best setup to use this weapon is to use Primary such as Viking or Ultimatum to hit your opponent they finish them with Spirit Staff.
  • And to use sniper like Anti Champion Rifle to kill you opponents from long rage


  • The weapon looks similar to the Double Sided Lightsaber from Star Wars, except with a oriental design to it.
  • When it swings it sounds very similar to the Fatal Melter's reloading animation.
  • This is the Third weapon that has Super Punch ability,Second being Heroic Epee and the First being Brave Lion
  • Its design is also similar to the Clan Hero Shovel
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