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Not to be confused with Theme Park, a craft item.

Spooky Theme Park is a map introduced in the 11.1.1 update. It is a seasonal Halloween themed map available during the Halloween season.


It is a Halloween themed theme park which has a terrifying face as the moon, and the map's edges being barriers. In the center, there is a circus tent with its entrance taking on the appearance of an ominous clown's face, a demonic Ferris Wheel as well as other Halloween themed theme park content.


  • This is the 3rd map being Halloween themed, the other two being Block Mart and Pumpkin Island.
  • This is based off of a normal theme park, except that it is Halloween themed.
  • In the 12.6.0 update Halloween update, it was brought back with Pumpkin Island, Alien Planet and Blockmart.
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