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This content is available in both Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World! If this is a game content, its counterpart is described in another article!
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This article describes a Pixel Gun 3D content. If you are looking for the same content in Pixel Gun World, see Statistics (PGW).

Statistics are what describes a weapon's capabilities.

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The grades are in order from least to most common weapons; Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythical. The higher the grade, the fewer people have the weapon. This does not mean how hard it is to get it. However, it is quite inaccurate.


Previously called lethality, it measures the DPS of a weapon.

Fire Rate

The higher the rate of fire, the faster it shoots. As a benchmark, a fire rate of 99 indicates 8 rounds per second. Does not apply to melee weapons.


The capacity shows how many rounds a magazine can hold. Does not apply to melee weapons.


The higher the mobility, the faster the player moves. This formerly was called Weight, where the numbers are smaller. Even before that, it was called Mobility. As a benchmark, a mobility of 90 is equivalent to 130 of the (old) mobility and 100 is equal to 90.


The higher the attack, the faster it does damage (Only applies to melee weapons).

General Attributes


Exclusive to weapons like CasanovaHitman Pistol, and several others, these weapons are equipped with a suppressor that drastically decrease the sound they emit when firing.

Wall Break

It means that the weapon can shoot through walls.


It means that the weapon has a scope sight to make taking out players at long ranges easier.

Area Damage

It means that the weapon will deal damage over an area. How large the affected area depends on the weapon, and the weapon can not headshot.

For Sandbox

This weapon can be equipped in the Sandbox game mode.

Piercing Shot

It means it can go through multiple living entities(e.g. players, monsters, pets), but not the map.


It means that the weapon is a shotgun, which fires spread bullets.


It means that holding down the fire button for this weapon would fire continuously until it runs out of ammo.

Single Shot

It means that holding down the fire button would fire once, and after a period of time, it will fire again

Multiple shots

It means that if the player shoots once, it will automatically eject several bullets/projectiles.


It means that a weapon's projectile or bullet will bounce off surfaces. Not to be confused with the Ricochet killstreak in which you get when you get a reflected kill when using the Reflector.


It means that the weapon projectile is a laser or a beam of light. May hit through multiple enemies and players, depending on the weapon.


It means that the projectile the weapon fires is a rocket or a missile (that can be destroyed by the Barrier Rifle).

Looping Shot

It means that the projectile is affected by gravity and fires in an arc.

Slows Down Target

It means that a weapon will slow down a target and prevent them from jumping or flying on hit.

Manual Guidance

Stinger and its upgrades are exclusive. It means that once the projectile is shot, it will follow your crosshairs.

Contact Detonator

Fake Bonus, Smile Mine, and a few weapons are exclusive. It means that when fired, the projectile has a limited time on exploding, or is detonated by an enemy near the projectile.

Energy Shield

Barrier Rifle, its upgrades, and Excalibur are exclusive. It means that the armor and health regenerate slowly and ricochet weapons cannot affect it.


Semi Auto Sniper Rifle, its upgrade, Fast Death (PG3D), its upgrades, MercenaryChampion Mercenary and its upgrades are exclusive. It means that this weapon can fire as fast as you can press the fire button, and will fire bursts when held.

Sticky Mines

Demoman, its upgraded versions, and the Hedgehog are exclusive. It means that this weapon can have mines stuck on the ground, walls or ceilings and explode after a short period of time.

Homing Missile

Bee Swarm Spell, Smart Bullet Bazooka, Swarmer, and Clockwork Nutcracker (along with their upgrades) are exclusive. It means that these weapons' bullets will follow players and monsters for a period of time.

Charge Shot

It means that these weapons require charging by holding down the fire button. The longer you charge, the more damage the projectile/weapon will do. A fully charged shot usually does significantly more damage than an almost fully charged shot.

Chain Shot

Electromagnetic Cannon, Electro-Blast Pistol, and its upgrade are exclusive. It means that the projectile will hit multiple targets if they are close together (note that this is not a form of area damage).

Damage Sphere

This means that the weapon emits a sphere surrounding the user. If an enemy player goes inside the sphere, the enemy takes damage.


Bad Doctor, Poison Hunter, and a few other weapons are exclusive (along with their upgrades). It means that a player shot by one of these weapons will have a poison effect, which damages them over time.

Poison Mines

Toxic Bane and its upgrades are exclusive. It is basically the merge of Sticky Mines and Poison Shots.

Critical Damage

Exclusive to the Scythe, Carrot Sword and some pets. This property allows a 50% chance that you will inflict double the damage.


This attribute means that the weapons fires in a short-ranged spread, and does no damage beyond this range. Please note that this does not necessarily mean the weapon sets targets on fire.


Similarly to the flamethrower, these weapons deal damage in a short-ranged spread, but have a longer range, more damage, and generally higher firing speed than flamethrowers.


This means that if the player hit their target, they will be inflicted with this and slowly lose HP over time.


Exclusive to fire-related weapons including photon weapons, some flamethrowers, some gadgets and the Phoenix. The target will quickly lose health for a short amount of time after being damaged, similar to the bleeding effect.


Exclusive to the Dracula and Anime Scythe. This means that if the projectile hits the enemy, you will gain a small portion of the target's health.


Exclusive to most of the Melee weapons. It means that the weapons with this attribute can deal damage but in a very limited range.


Only found on some Melee weapons. It means the weapon will damage enemies regardless of if it's swinging up or down. The Combat Yo-Yo has this attribute hidden.


Love Spell and its upgrade are exclusive. This means if an enemy got hit by the projectile, they will lose their weapons' efficiency.

Random Effect

Fidget Thrower and Shaman's Bow are exclusive (the upgrades are too). It gives a random status effect to the enemy when hit.

Rocket Control

Judge and its upgrade are exclusive. It means the rocket can be fully manually controlled by the user.

X-ray Vision

Third Eye and its upgrades are exclusive. It means the weapon has the ability to detect hidden players

Cluster Bomb

Christmas Ultimatum is exclusive. It means that the weapon shoots out a cluster of several large area-damage bombs that explode on contact.

Gravitation Force Eraser and Snow Storm is exclusive (the upgrades are too). This means after some time the projectile will blow up into a black hole/wormhole, sucking enemies up.


allows the user to turn into a mist-like substance. The username is hidden when invisible.


it means that when operating, all enemies affected by the weapon/gadget cannot use gadgets.

Exclusive gadget attributes


Nuclear bomb is exclusive. It means that after exploding, the gadget leaves a pool of radiation that damages nearby enemies over time.


Resurrection gadget is exclusive. It means that when the user dies, the gadget automatically gives the user an “extra life”


Allows the user to fly for a period of time, depending on the level of upgrade. When activated, the jump button turns into a jetpack icon.

Area of Effect

Similar to the area damage attribute for weapons, it means that the gadget operates over an area on the map.

Damage Transfer

Voodoo snowman is exclusive. It means that the damage done to this gadget is transferred to a random enemy.

Time Shift

Time machine is exclusive. It teleports only the bearer of the gadget back in time; the rest of the map is ineffected.

Damage Boost

This means that when operating, the damage done by yourself and teammates is amplified.


This means that upon activating, you and sometimes your teammates gain an amount of health points (armor points are not affected)

Double Jump

When the gadget is activated, the user can press the jump button and press it again in midair. This is true until the gadget operating time is up.

Damage Reflection

When a gadget containing this attribute is activated, a percentage of the damage done to the bearer will be reflected on to the enemy.