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The Steampunk Fists is a Melee weapon introduced in the 13.2.0 update.


It is a reskin of the Power Fists. It has golden, bronze, silver, red details on the fist, and the knuckles are silver. They cover up the user's entire arm.



  • The fists attacks hit enemies slightly farther than a regular melee weapon.
  • Get into close quarters.
  • Use it like the Power Fists.
  • Spam this in Knife Party, and you can win with little to no efforts.


  • Use snipers or high DPS weapons such as the Golden Friend while strafing to deal damage while taking minimal damage.
  • Due to its ability to hit targets a bit farther away than the usual melee weapon range, stay far enough to take no damage.
  • Rocket jump away from these users.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Have a long-ranged weapon.


  • This weapon is a reskin of the Power Fists, but steampunk-styled.
  • Unlike the Power Fists, it takes two body shots to kill a target with it.
  • It is now nerfed for balancing reason from 15.1.0 Update, taking 4 punches to kill. It is also applied to Clan-themed counterpart as well.
  • For some reason in iOS version, it takes 2 punches to kill.
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