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The Sticky Candy is a Throwing gadget introduced in the 11.2.0 update.


It seems to be a purple wrapped candy with purple and green stripes.


It spawns a sticky pool to slow enemies and disable jumps.


  • Slow down a great number of enemies and finish them off by using an area damage weapon like the Fireball Spell.
  • Slow down people when a number of teammates or your pet are near you so they could finish off enemies for you.
  • This is used for trapping highly-mobile enemies as well as the jetpack users who lands on the sticky pool and tries to take off.


  • Avoid those pink pools that have spawned around the map. Those come from this gadget.
  • Avoid close ranged maps and/or maps containing cramped hallways.


  • This is the only gadget that has a Disable Jumps attribute.
    • However, the Disable Jumps attribute is useless, since the Slows Down Target attribute disables jumps, and the Sticky Candy has that attribute.
  • This is one of three Throwing gadgets that do not inflict damage on an enemy, the second being the Black Mark and the third being the Singular Grenade.
    • However, this slows down targets and disables jumps and the Singular Grenade absorbs enemies into a harmless black hole, while the Black Mark adds an extra 100 points to a kill.
  • This is also one of two gadgets that slow enemies down if they wind up in it, the second being the Blizzard Generator. However, this is a Throwing gadget, while the Blizzard Generator is a Tools gadget.
  • The base form of Sticky Candy, Demon Stone, Fire Mushroom, Pet Booster, Black Mark, Christmas Tree Turret, Blizzard Generator, and Stealth Bracelet are the gadgets unlocked at Level 7.