The Sticky Candy is a Throwing gadget introduced in the 11.2.0 update.


Sticky Candy is a purple wrapped candy with green stripes.


The player throws the Sticky Candy from their right hand. When it lands on a random spot, the Sticky Candy splits into two and leaves a pink and sticky pool where the candy is thrown. When enemies are in the pool, the pool slows them down and disables their jumps, even when the opponent(s) jump over it. The sticky radius lasts for 15 seconds.



  • Slow down a great number of enemies and finish them off by using an area damage weapon like the Fireball Spell.
  • Slow down people when a number of teammates or your pet are near you so they could finish off enemies for you.
  • This is used for trapping highly-mobile enemies as well as the jetpack users who land in the sticky pool and tries to take off.
  • Use this in duels to stop rocket jumping spammers.


  • Avoid those pink pools that have spawned around the map. Those come from this gadget.
  • Avoid close-ranged maps and/or maps containing cramped hallways.
  • Try to rocket-jump if you want to escape while being trapped in its pool.
  • The Pulling Sucker Gun's powerful pull can negate the slowdown effects.


  • This is the only gadget that has a Disable Jumps attribute.
    • However, the Disable Jumps attribute is useless, since the Slows Down Target attribute disables jumps (hence overriding that attribute), and the Sticky Candy has that attribute.
  • This is one of three Throwing gadgets that does not inflict damage on an enemy, the second being the Black Mark and the third being the Singular Grenade.
    • However, this slows down targets and disables jumps and the Singular Grenade absorbs enemies into a harmless black hole, while the Black Mark adds an extra 100 points to a kill.
  • This is also one of two gadgets that slow enemies down if they wind up in it, the second being the Blizzard Generator. However, this is a Throwing gadget, while the Blizzard Generator is a Tools gadget.
  • The base form of Sticky Candy, Demon Stone, Fire Mushroom, Pet Booster, Black Mark, Christmas Tree Turret, Blizzard Generator, and Stealth Bracelet are the gadgets unlocked at Level 7.
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