The progress bar to the Super Chest.

The Super Chest is content introduced in the 12.1.0 update. It is similar to the Event Chest, but the rewards are more generous, and it can be unlocked without directly using keys.



It is a light brown 3D-rectangle box that has 2 dark brown bars, and on the middle, it indicates an icon which says "PG", being an acronym of "Pixel Gun".


It is a golden 3D rectangle box with a red, white and a bit of gold on the top, representing a part of the US flag. The lockers are white and blue. It has 1 big star and 2 small stars at the front, while the sides have 3 small stars.

12.5.3 - Now

The appearance of the super chest depends on the event and/or theme of the current update. As default, it appears as a golden chest with some azure details. The center of the right side is azure, along with 2 dots on the front and the right side of the chest, but they are also black. There is also some light gray details, where the center of the right side is between 2 light gray vertical lines. On the top, there is one horizontal line and one vertical line, where they both touch the center of the top side of the event side. The vertical line is azure with golden edges, while the horizontal line is golden. Under the lines, it is beige. There are two white lines, and between them, an azure line, which almost reaches the top.


It is used for players to gain various rewards, unlocked by obtaining 1K points from opening the Novice Chest, Fighter Chest, or Winner Chest with keys. After the chest is opened, the points are reset.

The Super Chest WILL NOT be carried to the next lottery, despite being possible for the Novice Chest, Fighter Chest and the Winner Chest.


  • A very high amount of gems, usually from 200-800.
  • Maximum amount of weapon parts, currently 150 parts for a mythical.
  • Avatars
  • Lobby items (sometimes)
  • Weapons
  • Royale items (or Royale item parts)


  • When the 12.1.0 update was reviewed as a leaked update in YouTube, a few videos indicated that it took 5 Event Chests in order to open a Super Chest, which was very easy to get for most players.
  • When the update was first officially released, the number Event Chests that were are needed to open the Super Chest was significantly increased to 30.
  • For unknown reasons, the Honor Egg was called the "Magic Egg".
  • In the 12.2.0 Super Chest icon, located next to the bar that indicates how many Event Chests were opened, the Super Chest icon has one star at the front, even though it actually 3 stars.
  • Though the theme of the events change every time the Event returns, the general concept remains the same.
  • The weapons and other items change for each theme also.
  • In the 16.5.0 update, it is the only chest with no remodel for the specific event.


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