The Super Lottery is a feature that gives player rewards for collecting keys.



When in the lobby screen, it can be seen in the upper-right corner with both its icon and the time remaining until the new lottery comes.

On the lottery screen, there are 3 chests which display the number of keys needed to unlock it. If a chest has been earned somewhere else, it will instead display "Available: number of chests owned."

Above the chests, it shows the Super Chest and a points bar. The points bar increases with the chests opened.


The Super Lottery allows the player to spend keys on chests which gives the player rewards. Each chest has a different amount of keys needed. The Novice Chest requires 10 keys, the Fighter Chest 50, and the Winner Chest 250. Opening a chest with keys gives the player points, but if they have been earned somewhere else (Battle Pass, Duels, etc), it can be opened without keys but it won't give points.

List of Lotteries

  • Z-Squad Armory
  • Magic Lottery
  • Super Lottery
  • Krampus Lottery
  • Fighters VS Gunners
  • Dynasty Pi Armory
  • Summer Adventure
  • Halloween Lottery
  • Thanksgiving Super Lottery
  • New Year's Lottery
  • Radioactivia Super Lottery
  • Gladiator Fights
  • Plastic Army
  • Oriental Lottery
  • Homecoming Lottery
  • Black Friday Lottery


  • When a new lottery is released, it may relate to the current Battle Pass.
  • Previously, the Novice Chest costed 5 keys, the Fighter Chest 50 keys, and the Winner Chest 500 keys
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