The Swat Double Headed Zombie is the boss in the City map in Campaign world.


The Swat Double Headed Zombie wears a ripped black SWAT team vest and uniform. It has oddly pink blood stains all over its uniform, and red blood stains on its skin. It is similar to the Police Double Headed Zombie. It has what looks like white stitches all over its two heads.


It will act almost exactly the same as the Police Double Headed Zombie, slowly approaching to the player while occasionally getting stuck on an immobile object. the double headed swat zombie can also spawn in the arena at late levels. This zombie deals high damage so be wary.


Damage: 3 Heart new

Health: 36 Heart new

Speed: Moderate



  • It drops the Old Revolver upon death.
  • It resembles the Nemesis from the Resident Evil Series.


  • Simply keep moving away from this boss and shoot the boss. If needed, just keep moving backward and forwards, this confuses the Boss' AI since when doing the attack animation the boss has to stop moving.
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